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Audubon Adventures offers printed and online materials in a variety of formats and subjects suitable for classroom groups, libraries, afterschool clubs, science and nature camps, homeschoolers, as well as families with students in grades 3-5. covers

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Choose from 24 different topics. Kids can explore the natural world with topics ranging from alligators and bees to whales and waterbirds, from forests and prairies to seashores and urban habitats. Click here for more information.

Formats & Product Types

Classroom Kits | Nature News Packets

Classroom Kits

For schools, after-school programs, and other groups. Grades 3-5. Includes:

  • Student Magazines—3 or 4 (depending on the theme) separate magazine sets (32 printed copies of each). Each magazine on a different topic from nature will thrill and inspire students with engaging nonfiction informational text and vibrant photos and illustrations that bring the natural world to life.
  • Educator’s Guides (print or online depending on the theme) with:
    • Step-by-step teaching plan for the topic
    • Hands-on activities with easy-to-remove reproducible pages
    • Background facts and information
  • Student assessment questions and answer keys
  • Glossary words, recommended resources, and correlations to national language arts and science standards
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Letter to Parent/Guardian
  • Companion website with bonus free content: games, puzzles, quizzes, group activities, video resources, and more!

Cost: $38.50 per classroom kit. Shipping and handling additional.

Stand Alone Nature News Packets

For schools, after-school programs, and other groups. Grades 3-5. With Educator's Guides where available.

Class sets (32 of each) of nature news magazines will thrill and inspire students with vibrant photos and lively illustrations that bring the natural world to life right in your classroom. Includes companion Educator’s Guide where available. See order form.

Cost: $8 to $10. Shipping and handling additional.

To Place An Order — for teachers and parents

Your order can be placed by mail, email, fax, or phone.

  1. Click here to download the order form. Before filling out, save this form to your computer and open it in Adobe Reader. Fill out the form by using the Tab key to move to the next field. Hit the Submit button when you are finished to send it to us via email or you can print and send it to us via fax or mail. You can also print it out and use a pen to fill it in. See end of form for mailing and faxing instructions.
  2. No payment is needed to submit your order. Payment will be collected by our customer service agent via telephone when we receive your order. See the order form for details.
  3. If you have questions or need help ordering call our Help Desk at (800) 340-6546.