Audubon Adventures

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Red-tailed hawkRed-tailed Hawk

Can wildlife live in cities and suburbs? Absolutely! Just think about it. You already know there are plenty of birds living in cities and suburbs, surrounded by people, buildings, roads, and sidewalks. You can see them flying overhead or perching on building ledges, power lines, bridges, and, of course, in trees in backyards and parks. Birds are wildlife you probably see every single day. Chances are you see squirrels every day too. Almost every city and suburb also has raccoons and opossums prowling around at night. Some cities even have deer, coyotes, and foxes. And don’t forget frogs, lizards, snakes, fish, and turtles, or insects like butterflies, ants, and bees. Even earthworms are examples of wildlife!

Western gray squirrelWestern gray squirrel

Every living thing needs food, shelter, and a safe place for their young to grow. Not all wild creatures can find those basic survival needs in cities, towns, and suburbs. But the ones that can have adapted to living in an environment that has been designed to meet the needs of people.

So no matter where you live, the next time you go outside, check around for wild creatures that are sharing your habitat. You might be surprised. Wildlife is all around!


Photos: (Red-tailed hawk) Kelly Hunt; (all others) Trude Hurd.